Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tom Yum Soup

For one person


Calamari 30 g
Tiger shrimp 40 g
Perch fillet 40 g
Shitake mushrooms 10 g
Lime leaves 5 g
Lemongrass 2 g
Fish stock 150 g
Coconut milk 8 g
Tom yum sauce 20 g
Tom yum oil 2 g
Coriander 2 g
Salt to taste


1. Clean seafood and dip into boiling water. Cut shitake mushrooms in half and shred lemongrass. Lime leaves should be used whole. Place everything in boiling water.
2. Place seafood and other ingredients into stock and then boil. Add in coconut milk and tom yam sauce, then flavor with salt to taste and pour mixture into dish.
3. Add a few drops of oil from cooking the tom yam sauce into the soup and serve immediately with fresh coriander leaves and lemon slices.

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